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Find Accounting Firms in Atteridgeville  We are a recognized Pretoria Accounting, Business Consultants, Tax Specialists and business registration service provider Find an Accountant Today . By helping many companies register their business, you can trust Beresford Consulting to provide you with an excellent level of service. We provide a series of business-related services, including company registration, CIDB registration, BBBEE certificate, tax registration and so on. If you live in Pretoria and need a trusted service provider to help you with your business registration, please contact Beresford Consulting immediately. What is required for business registration registering a company name is a fairly simple process and requires some specific documents and information to begin the process. Collect the following information to register your company in Pretoria using the Beresford Consulting company name: You need to determine a company name for your company that has not been registered by another company. List four possible names, the first one is your favorite. Remember to check spelling and avoid using symbols and punctuation. If you do not choose a company name to register, your company registration number will automatically become your company name. Director and shareholder information starts with certified copies (and digital copies) of all director or shareholder identification documents (ID), phone numbers, address proof, and postal address. We will need this information to register your business. When starting a new business, it is strongly recommended that you register your business. There are many benefits to registering your business, including: Business reputation as an automatically registered business, your business is more credible and credible. Ultimately, this can bring you more customers, thereby increasing your profits. Financial protection When you borrow money for business purposes, there are always some risks involved. You will be able to borrow money in the name of your registered business (PTY), thereby protecting you from losing personal property such as houses and vehicles when things go wrong. More business opportunities many companies only use service providers and supplier company records. If you want to increase business opportunities for your company in Pretoria, please register your company to enjoy this advantage.

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