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Tax Services in Katlehong

We’ll do all the complex tax review and navigation for your tax needs from personal to local to international and corporate Taxes. Moruo works with you to address your tax needs to your best advantage. We help your Company to improve the quality of the decision-making process and we optimize your resources with tax minimization strategies. We can help you with various tax complexities by:  

 Small business consulting in Katlehong

  • Sales tax,
  • Property And salary reports
  • Internal control of financial processes and audit reports and trusts.
We work with you to plan and maintain your financial situation for present and future generations. We provide the right tools and strategies to protect your assets and protect your wealth. Subject to transfer tax. Working with your lawyers, financial planners, and life insurance agents, we will help you develop plans to effectively protect your wealth and other assets, including optimizing your business succession. It is both personal and financial. We can help you evaluate alternative strategies to achieve your goals, including: Next steps
  • Revocable life trusts, irrevocable family and insurance trusts
  • Foundations, Charitable trusts and family limited partnerships
  • Annuities and gifts
  • Guardianship, supervision and custody Account
  • Minors, education, qualified personnel residence trust and special needs startup consulting ASL is dedicated to startups.
The following are some of the many ways we help entrepreneurs:
  • Establish an accounting system
  • Construct entities to gain tax and legal advantages
  • Register with regulatory agencies
  • Obtain necessary business licenses
  • Attract financial resources
  • Determine federal, state, county, and local
  • Provide leading start-up consultancy services
Strategic business planning
  • Evaluate your start-ups •
Organize seminars through ASL lectures and knowledge leaders
  • Define and clarify your business objectives • Implement process best practices
  • Insurance and risk management recommendations
  • Implement internal Control
  • Understanding of personnel issues and comprehensive incentives for corporate governance
We confirm that business success depends to a large extent on the effectiveness of high-level governance. Here are some ways we can help you revive your business, starting from the top.
  • Encourage collaborative board guidance to make forward-looking business decisions.
  • Use well-written ethics to set standards at the highest level. The iterative and incremental development work of today’s enterprises
  • Suggest ways to form the right team to achieve a unified vision
  • Teach how to deal with management
  • Assess risks to deal with current risks
  • Implement level controls to reduce risks, including fraud risks
  • Capture for you Of companies provide relevant information on analytical advantages
  • Identify opportunities to increase profits due to operating inefficiencies. Internal control At ASL, we understand internal control. We have developed our own streamlined system to help companies implement internal controls in the most cost-effective manner. Our work is as follows:
  • We help you document accounting and financial processes
  • We identify key controls in place
  • We recommend the lack of best practice controls
  • We conduct internal control compliance reviews
  • We test internal controls during audits
  • We provide services internally Audit outsourcing ASL Family Wealth & Individual Tax Group
We understand that family wealth and wealth come with responsibility: protect it for retirement, build it for future generations, and maybe share it for charity. Minimizing income tax through cutting-edge strategies and forward-looking planning is an integral part of protecting and maintaining household income and wealth. We can help you enjoy your wealth while planning your future. Our team is well versed in the problems and concerns of wealthy clients, and we are able to help you pass on your wealth to future generations. Our personal and family estate tax services include: Income tax planning and compliance for high-net-worth individuals, including executive stock options and other stock compensation tax planning, charitable gift planning, real estate investment, charitable trusts and private foundations
  • Senior estates and trusts Planning and consulting
  • Trust income tax compliance
  • Fully coordinated family business income tax planning and compliance, including companies, partnerships and trusts
  • Succession planning for private companies
  • Estate and trust management and compliance for non-profit organizations after death You have a copy Mission statement, we have a mission: to work with you in your organization's journey towards financial compliance and regulatory challenges.
When you want to focus on your mission, we can help you. Your organization is subject to accounting and auditing regulations, including tax laws that require specific technical knowledge and experience. Managing it can be a challenge, although when donors and contributors trust your organization, it removes any doubts that they may have to contribute to your mission. ASL focuses on excellent customer service and works with your organization to help you navigate complex rules and regulations, ensuring that you comply with the regulations while achieving your goals. Our services include:
  • Financial statement audit and review, including financial statements required by the OMB Uniform Appropriation Guidelines (formerly OMB Circular A-133)
  • Tax planning and preparation of Form 990
  • Internal control evaluation
  • Retirement plan audit, including 401 (k ) And 403 (b) Plan
  • Provide advice on:
  • Plan donations and gifts
  • Unrelated business income tax (UBIT)
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • The application of ASL accounting standards is compatible with various non-profit organizations, associations and funds
The experience of the association includes: health and social services, biotechnology, technology, microfinance, citizenship and community, arts and culture, mental health, education, and sports and entertainment organizations. You will also find that our enthusiasm for serving non-profit organizations goes far beyond the scope of our accounting work. Many of our team members serve on the non-profit board of directors, and the entire company actively participates in many community service projects every year. Our expertise in the non-profit industry continues to develop through the following methods:
  • Implementation of the latest knowledge and accounting standards
  • Dedicated professional education
  • Our low employee turnover rate
  • Participate in professional associations in the professional field of interest, including AICPA, Centro de Government Audit Quality and CalCPA
  • Experience as a member of the board or committee of a non-profit organization
  • We also connect our clients to a network of service companies, including experienced lawyers and bankers in non-profit organizations.
With our 40 years of history and extensive experience in supporting the needs of various non-profit organizations, you will find that our level of service and personal commitment to your business make us ideally suited to help you meet your accounting and accounting needs.
  • Develop and implement a personalized tax plan
  • Determine potential local and international tax credits
  • Help you determine the best way to use time-related expenses
  • Ensure any due diligence process goes smoothly
  • Analyze opportunities for assurance and accounting
If your team needs tools for strategic thinking, we can provide help them. We will measure financial performance and achieve strategic goals by analyzing and providing information to help you improve the quality of management decisions.

Financial Reporting

Audit: Intensive inspection and review with the highest level of assurance: Compilation of consulting and analysis procedures performed during the limited warranty period: Evaluation based on the information you provide
  • Assist in the understanding and application of complex and evolving accounting principles
  • Assist in the preparation of accounting and financial statements

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