Accounting Firms in Midrand

Accounting Firms in Midrand  AuditPayroll Services , Accountants ,Payroll Services   - Brown Armstrong is a well-trained team of professionals who can get the job done. This is why we are one of the fastest growing, best managed and most respected teams in South Africa. This level of service, dedication and loyalty allows us to build unique and lasting relationships while exceeding expectations and providing opportunities. Brown Armstrong has the depth and experience to bring the world to you. First-class service in our three departments: Warranty: Brown Armstrong has provided warranty service for more than 30 years.

Accountants in Midrand

Accountants in Midrand  When our audit service team works hand in hand with you, we will bring all our years of experience. Consulting: Our experience lies in relationships. Working with our clients personally has discovered opportunities for us to help guide them through their finances. Our consulting service team provides customers with guidance, support and expertise to obtain innovative solutions. We provide you with a team of thought leaders in the industry. They give you peace of mind and amazing results.

Taxation in Midrand 

Taxation in Midrand   Our experience in tax services can be traced back to the establishment of this company. Initially, we were mainly a tax company. Over the years, we have developed to include auditing and consulting, but we have never forgotten our roots. Our partners and tax managers work with individuals and businesses, big or small.


ASSURANCE SERVICES in Midrand  - We know that you need a team that understands your organization and enhances its value through their work.  What should we do? Through consistent and effective communication on the most critical business issues you face, our assurance service team will dig into the surface, check the details, and provide you with the most comprehensive info to help you make great  decisions. In the tax department, our auditors are experts in their fields, but they are also lifelong learners. They continue to attend seminars, read trade magazines, and negotiate with other industry leaders to ensure that they can give you the greatest advantage when making decisions. Whether you are a commercial entity or a government entity, Brown Armstrong is your power multiplier.


CONSULTING SERVICES in Midrand - Brown Armstrong has some of the most knowledgeable, creative and personable accountants in the country. Our thought leadership is part of what makes our company unique. We have experts in the field of expertise, and we have people who are familiar with new compliance measures and standards. When you encounter a difficult problem, we have the resources to provide you with the answers you need without having to travel elsewhere. This huge wealth of knowledge allows us to provide services beyond tax and insurance services. Over the years, we have established new relationships and provided professional consulting based on the services of existing customers. Whether it is to provide clients with advice on how to implement the new accounting system or to help their companies go public, we have the perfect consulting team to exceed their needs and expectations.


TAX SERVICES in Midrand  - At Brown Armstrong, we provide a wide range of tax services to meet your needs. For 40 years, our approach has always been the same: treat every customer as if they were our only customer. Our partners and tax managers will take the time to get to know you in order to provide you with the most complete information necessary to help you make the best decision. Our tax accountants are experts in their fields, but they are also lifelong learners. They continue to attend seminars, read trade magazines, and negotiate with other industry leaders to ensure that they can give you the greatest advantage when making decisions. OUR TAX SERVICES INCLUDE:
  • Estate and trust administration
  • Accounting for income taxes
  • Estate planning
  • Individual tax preparation and planning
  • Corporate tax compliance and consulting

Accounting Outsourcing in Midrand

Monthly accounting looked after Services Includes:
  • Debtors and Creditors Control
  • Value added tax Returns
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Various other accounting related services
  • Monthly Management Reports

Payroll Outsourcing in Midrand

Payroll Services in Midrand

Payroll Outsourcing in Midrand  We offer payroll outsourcing where we will take care of your monthly payroll needs. Services includes: - Bi-Weekly ,Weekly, or Monthly Salary  Pays lips - Computerized payroll system - Monthly Reports provided. - Returns competition and submission

Financial Accounting in Midrand

We offer financial accounting services like:
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements as per IFRS and GAAP.
  • Preparation and compilation of accounting records
  • Preparation to submission of SARS (Value added tax, Pay as you earn ,  UIF, STC)
  • Cash-flow forecasts
  • Budget preparation
  • Initial set-up of accounting system
  • Pastel accounting training (outsourced)
  • Evaluation of Internal control and recommendations
Tax Tax services we offer:
  • Value-added tax
  • Tax planning
  • Skills development levies
  • Dividend tax
  • Estate duty
  • Preparation of corporate tax returns
  • Donations tax
  • Preparation of individual tax returns
  • Tax clearance certificates
  • PAYE & Unemployment insurance funds
  • Tax directives

Audit in Midrand

Audit in Midrand  We are  registered with the Independent Regulatory Audit Board (IRBA). We specialize in providing independent external opinions on various assurance services for small and medium enterprises, such as annual financial statement audits and general assurance services.

Advisory Great advisory services by our experienced team
  • Financial management advice
  • Corporate structuring
  • Company law
  • Tax consulting
  • Mergers, acquisitions and the selling of businesses
  • Registrations & Statutory
  • Evaluations
  • BBBEE consulting
We provide a wide range of secretarial services, from registration to modification and conversion. For information, see the attached service menu. Payroll Services in Midrand | Audit in Midrand | Accountants in Midrand 

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