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Find Accounting Firms in Roodepoort We are customer-oriented company that provides individuals and businesses with monthly bookkeeping and accounting services, tax registration and filing, registration of nearby companies and businesses, legal returns and outsourced wages for small and medium-sized enterprises, usually by the following Personnel management master. Request a quote from Accounting Firms in Roodepoort  Or family businesses, and individuals. We pride ourselves on the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of our services to our customers. Finance

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Accountants in Roodepoort - The financial manager is responsible for overseeing the effectiveness of your internal control system, reducing all risks of fraud, theft and error, ensuring that all IFRS and GAAP requirements are met, and providing you with monthly management financial statements including charts, forecasts, forecasts and ratios. Our strength is not only in strategic financial management, financial reporting and processing, and troubleshooting related to your financial and accounting systems-it exists in our team.Get an Accountants in Roodepoort Today

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Taxation Consulting in Roodepoort  Collective experience in more than 20 different business areas makes our team and efforts unique. Areas of expertise include banking, production, law, hospitality, publishing, corporate training and real estate. Skills include management, reporting, administration, training, planning, time management, etc. In turn, these attributes have a synergistic effect, making us more than the sum of accounts we manage. The result is the perfect choice for your business! Commercial rescue is our strength.

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Payroll Services in Roodepoort  We focus on helping South African companies of all sizes that are experiencing financial difficulties. Whether you are spotting early warning signs of future financial stress, cash flow shortages or creditor pressure, we can help. Provisional Tax    What is provisional tax? The purpose of the provisional tax is to help taxpayers (companies and individuals) fulfill their obligations in the form of two payments, rather than a large sum of money in the assessment. Who must register for provisional tax payment? You must register for provisional tax payment. Because the company did not foresee paying TAX through monthly PAYE (Pay As You Earn), the TAX amount at the time of evaluation is usually very high. People who earn income other than wages or allowances must be registered as temporary taxpayers. This is because wages are only used to pay taxes on your wages through PAYE (pay as you go). This means that in the assessment, any additional income will not be taken into account, and taxpayers will have tax obligations.
Accounting Firms in Roodepoort 
How does provisional tax work?   Temporary taxpayers must pay at least two taxes in advance during the assessment year based on the estimated tax base. Then, they must make the final payment after the assessment. Due: The second payment must be no later than the last business day of the evaluation year ending February 28.   Here are some common questions. We will briefly discuss the personal income tax return. Should I file a tax return? If your income in the 2020/2021 assessment year (between March 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021) is less than R500,000.00, you do not need to file an income tax return, as long as:
  • You have only one employer. However, if you have multiple sources of income (such as a second employer, rental income, etc.), you will need to submit a tax return even if the combined income is still less than R500,000.00.
  • You do not have a car subsidy
  • You have not applied for tax deductions (such as medical expenses, travel expenses, etc.)
  • Any interest you receive from a South African source is less than: o If you are under 65, it is R23 800.00 o If you are over 65 Years old, it is R34 500.00.
  Why should you file a tax return?
  • Refunds-Depending on your situation, there may be many reasons why you should get a refund from SARS. This may be because you paid too much tax during the assessment year, or you can claim expenses from SARS, such as travel and medical expenses.
  • Long-term loan: Whenever you apply for a long-term loan (such as a mortgage), you need a tax clearance certificate, which can only be obtained if all your tax returns are up to date and completed correctly.
  • Retirement Fund-Since you must meet tax regulations to receive funds from a retirement fund, it is a good thing to ensure that your returns are up to date.
  • Complete records: In addition to being a good citizen, you may never know when SARS can control you, and incomplete records can make it look suspicious and lead to “
  what are supporting documents and why do I need them? Basic supporting documents The above is proof of everything you report on your tax return-income, expenses, and claims. Except for at least 5 years. Where can you file your tax return? You can:
  • Submit online through the SARS Efiling website
  • In the SARS branch Institutional submission
  • Let tax practitioners complete should I use tax practitioners?
  Everyone’s situation is different. Depending on these circumstances, tax returns may be very simple or very complicated. If you are confident that you know exactly how to file a tax return, you can do it yourself Hands on. Remember, valuable tax professionals are always aware of new rules and regulatory changes that enable them to help you avoid fines, maximize potential refunds, and assist you when it comes to SARS audits and inquiries. Tax practitioners, please always ensure that you are a member of a recognized inspection agency, such as SAIT or SAIPA. If you need more information or help, please contact us for a free preliminary consultation. You purchase more than three items brought into the country from abroad (such as Amazon) within a year, even if it is less than R50,000.00, or for private use, you must request known information as an importer code.   If you need help in applying the Importer Code or need more information, please contact us. The following are the information we need for our application:
  • Application contact information (name, physical address, phone number)
  • Proof of physical address
  • Applicant’s bank details trust income tax declaration For tax purposes, the trust is a person , so The taxpayer itself. ITR12T must be completed and submitted by the trustee of the trust or a tax professional designated by the trustee.
For tax purposes, the following types of special trusts are recognized:
  • Special trusts -Type A: This trust is established for the benefit of one or more persons who are relatives of the founder and have a disability as defined in Section 6B (1) And the above-mentioned disability prevents the person from earning enough income to support himself or manage his own finances.
To be classified as a special trust, the SARS Class A approval must be obtained.
  • Special Trust -Type B: Trusts are established according to the wishes of the deceased and are solely for the benefit of their beneficiaries. / Their relatives, who were alive at the time of death, and the youngest of them was under 18 at the end of the evaluation year.
  • Collective investment funds: any form of plan, including investment companies that invite the public to invest funds or other assets in a portfolio, under the plan, two or more investors contribute capital and have participation rights in the portfolio.
The plan passed Shares, participation or any other form of participation rights. Investors share the risks and returns of the investment in proportion to their participation rights in the planned investment portfolio or any other basis determined in the contract. Payroll Services in Roodepoort | Accounting Firms in Roodepoort

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